In with the Old, Out with the New

There he sat, every single morning, in the same seat on the couch, with his right leg sitting on top of his left knee. He was not visible from the waste up except for a few fingers that were holding the outside of a newspaper. This was a sight I saw every single morning of my childhood, as I’m sure many of y’all can relate. I would grab my breakfast, and sit beside him while he read aloud the best comics or fun facts he learned that morning. Lets be honest, most of our generation Instagrams their favorite “Daddy and me” picture of them sitting on his lap behind a massive piece of paper that was so big, I swear our dads grew muscles from having to hold it.


What was it about newspapers that made them a staple back then and why are they dying out? One of the best things about newspapers is that they are easy to read and skim through because of their narrow columns. Blogs are very similar to this template and are a large reason why physical papers are dying out. Think about it, if you could have the same, easy to read, factual information, immediately right on your phone, who wouldn’t choose that over a paper?

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The word “blog” comes from the combination of “web” and “log” which is a literal meaning of a log on the Internet. Blogs are a combination of someone’s thoughts, experiences, or information they want to share via website or web page. Blogs are typically written by one or a small group of people and are usually written in a casual or conversational way.

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Blogs provide an awesome way for people with a certain interest or concern to learn and relate with others who have similar interests experiences. Take health care for example. A parent with a child who has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes might be scared and unsure what to expect. In this situation, they could search for a couple different types of blogs.


Here’s what to look for…

  • Someone who’s informed on the same topic

-Diabetic doctor

-Parent of a diabetic child

-Someone who grew up with type 1 diabetes

  • Someone who updates frequently

-Finding a great blogger is amazing but it isn’t helpful if they only post once every few months.

  • Someone who is consistent

-The most useful type of blog is one that stays on topic with meaningful information.

  • Someone who is inviting

– A great blogger to follow engages you, asking questions, and wants a reply. These bloggers are also more like to reply back with any questions you might comment.


A great example of a  health organization that successfully uses social media is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This blog basically contains all things related to health and health issues. A great thing about this blog is it’s extensive list of categories on the left side bar including diseases, symptoms, and more. The CDC uses their blog effectively by making their posts easy to read, accessible, and by making the information on their site easy to find. By doing these things they are a valuable site proving meaningful and helpful information to those who need it.