Cue the Rants…

I don’t know about y’all but I get tired of people using Facebook to rant; so much so that I have been known to block or unfollow people who rant more than twice in two weeks. I am very picky about who and what I follow on all social media. So what is it that makes a page valuable? Better yet, what keeps someone following the page? Facebook can be a vital source of health information if used properly. I’ll explain how Facebook can be used successfully to distribute heath information and how others use Facebook to look for this type of information.


Facebook is a social networking site designed so that others can connect with family and friends online. Facebook is currently the largest social network used globally all over the world. It is used to make profiles, post photos, videos, content, and send messages to friends and family.


Like many fast growing social media sites, Facebook is increasing at a rapid rate; ranters or not. A very large percent of Facebook users rely on the site for health information. People are looking for things such as healthy living techniques, exercise, diet, treatments ( I don’t know about y’all but Rodan and Fields has ambushed my Facebook feed), and doctors. Is it Facebook’s popularity that makes it a reputable source?


Here are three reasons why Facebook is a good health information platform…


  • Provides a two-way communication channel

-Facebook allows people to message, comment, and connect with others who have               similar interests in a specific medical issue.

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  • Provides reputable sources

-When people we know post a positive medical experience, we are more likely to                  go to whom they suggested.


  • Allows you to reach your target audience in an easier way

-Post a funny video or share an informative article. The more likes, the farther                      your page will go. Be creative!


Relay For Life

          The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Facebook page is a great example of an organization that successfully uses Facebook to raise awareness and reach new people. Relay For Life is an overnight event that both celebrates cancer survivors and raises money for cancer research. Teams of people typically walk or run a track all night in order to raise money. The organization plays a big part in many high schools, communities, and colleges, trying to get as many people involved as possible. Because they have a younger, active following of people, they are able to raise awareness through Facebook. People who participate in an event post a link on their Facebook to the Relay For Life site where their friends and family can donate to their team. The site also posts powerful videos and pictures of candlelit events on their Facebook page.

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One thought on “Cue the Rants…”

  1. I want to start by saying I completely agree with you about the ranters in social media. But I like the points you described when talking about the benefits of Facebook. I like how you found the Relay for Life Cancer Foundation, and used them as an example of a successful health care program that has learned how to use social media very efficiently. Everything looks really good to me and I enjoyed reading it, but maybe try to find a few more examples of health care for the readers. Other than that, I think it was done very well and was very organized and easy to keep up with.


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