Tweeting the Healthcare Way

Wdownload (3)e all know that person… they’re witty, funny, and quick. They are able to light up a room with laughter and shout out a clever comeback before we can even process the message. Sometimes, I feel like Twitter is made for these kinds of people- concise, to the point, quick-witted, and amusing individuals. If you’re anything like I was, the thought of having to come up with something genius in three seconds over stimulates me to the point where I can’t think of a single thing. The only thing running through my mind is… think, think, think!! Luckily, Twitter doesn’t have to be for people like that, it can be easy and fun, for individuals or for organizations. I have come up with a few tips of how to ease and simplify tweeting so that your health organization is not stuck thinking blankly like me.


Twitter is an online social networking microblog that allows its users to write and read short posts called “Tweets” (limited to 140 characters). Tweets can contain photos, videos, or quick and frequent messages back and forth between family and friends. Twitter rapidly gained popularity and is now one of the top ten visited sites on the Internet.

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While many businesses use Twitter to promote their company, many healthcare organizations use it as a vital step in distributing information. Twitter allows these organizations to expand their reach of communication, build relationships, grow their business, and increase awareness. By following these simple steps, you too can get the most out of your Twitter account.


Here’s a list of Twitter “To- Tweets”

  • Short, sweet, and simple                                                                                                           –With a limit of 140-characters, you’re only limited to so much. Post a bold statement that grabs their attention and then post a link to more information. The American Red Cross tweets, “Calling all blood donors!” and a link with when and where.
  • Breaking news

images (5)-With the continuous stream of live feed, it is one of the fastest ways to break a story. “Measles outbreak in Disneyland” “Ebola in the U.S.” That’ll get their attention.

  • #Hashtag

The invention of hashtags was a great thing… the use of them is not always so great. However, they can play a powerful role in healthcare tweeting. Hashtags can be used to place your content into categories and broaden your followers with people who search or use the same key words or phrases.






  • Communicate with others

-One of the greatest things about Twitter is that is allows people to write and respond to short mini-messages. A great way to expand your Twitter followers and build strong relationships is to reply back. How hard is that? Thank them for sharing, ask a question, post a link with new information, or simply share information from someone else in the same industry. This is a great way for doctors to communicate with patients or get feedback on research. Not only does it boost your positive image but you will also gain followers through others interested in the same field.

A Great Example…

One example of a great healthcare organization that effectively uses Twitter is the World Health Organization. Their page is bright and informative with almost 3 million followers. The organization does an excellent job of incorporating important hashtags and almost always posting a link with more information at the end of a short tweet. They also do a great job of interacting with their followers through posting questions and replying to answers.

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One thought on “Tweeting the Healthcare Way”

  1. I loved the format and I really liked that you put your own personality throughout this blog it made it more interesting. I also like that you added examples to what exactly you were talking about for readers to get a better understanding. I also like that you included the news, I think its pretty cool how fast streamed live feed of new news stories can be spread throughout all social media starting with twitter. Nice Job!


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