Pinning for Health Protection

If you’re a picture person like me, I’m sure you already know about Pinterest. I could spend hours scrolling through nothing but pictures, and as a matter-of-fact, a lot of people do. Pinterest is rapidly growing in popularity and is ranked third only behind Facebook and Twitter. With Pinterest’s popularity rapidly growing, health organizations are looking for a way to get in the game.

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Pinterest is a social network, which allows its users to share and discover interests by pinning images or videos on boards they have created. Pinterest also allows its users to brows and see what others have pinned.

For many organizations, it can be hard to draw users in. People might feel pressured to donate or overwhelmed by the amount of health-related articles posted. Eventually, it can get to the point where users skip right over an organization. This is where Pinterest plays a refreshing role in the social networking world. It provides a unique twist over most sites that want to revolve around writing posts. But how can healthcare organizations incorporate themselves just by the use of pictures and videos?


Here are a few tips on how to use Pinterest as a healthcare organization…

  • Pin throughout the day                                                                                                                 – Too many posts at once can overwhelm a viewer and overtake their feed. Choose three to five things to pin several different times during the day. Pick popular times such as morning when we all wake up and all reach for our phones, lunch break, mid-afternoon, and after dinner. All of these times are slow parts in the day when people are most likely to be scrolling through their phones or searching for new information. This is a great time to hit them with infographics or links to healthcare blogs to read in their spare time.


  • Add links

-One of the greatest things about Pinterest is their use of links. While scrolling through Pinterest feed, all users see is pictures. If they are interested in a particular picture, they click on it to enlarge the image. After this, they have the option to click on the picture itself to be sent to a link related to what they have clicked on. This link can lead to several things. If the image is related to a healthcare organization, the link could lead to the organizations website, an article, recipes, workouts, or other health blogs. If you don’t know how to add them to your own images, look here.


  • Use images that grab interest                                                                                                    – With Pinterest, you only have that one shot. Only one picture will represent the link you’re trying to share, so choose wisely. Try to choose bright, clear photos with catchy captions. Things like Healthcare Communication News uses great pictures to represent the message they are trying to get across. They also label their boards “Mobile Health” and “Working on Wellness” so their followers know where to find more on the same topic.


  • Create boards                                                                                                                             – Pinterest users love to follow uplifting boards. Healthcare organizations can create boards that will inspire pinners to live a conscious, active, and healthy life. Post new information or information stated in a new way, keep it light and fun. Keep with the seasons and pin things that keep you fit and healthy even in the winter, or colorful summer recipes or drinks to stay hydrated.EI-Blog-Posts-Pinterest-create-board


A perfect example of a healthcare board that properly uses Pinterest is Healthcare Social Media. Their boards are full of informative infographics. They have several pins that relate to all kinds of users seeking healthcare information. They also have great statistics and information for patients, not just doctors and healthcare providers. Their use of infographics is bright, colorful, and easy to understand. Their facts are to the point and many have fun cartoons to make them humorous.



One thought on “Pinning for Health Protection”

  1. Katy,

    So believe it or not, I’ve never used Pinterest! As someone who doesn’t know what it is, I thought you did a really great job explaining. I had a general idea, but before your blog, I didn’t understand at all how an organization would use it. I like how you let the readers know a little bit about you too by saying you love using the site. Your last picture is great; I love when visuals tell me exactly what to do. I think it’d be great to see a picture of the example Pinterest you use at the end, but I’m glad you provided a link, which reminds me, you use great links!


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