Split.. Boom.. SNAP!

If you’re over the age of 30, odds are you’ve asked the question, “What is Snapchat?” It’s a fair question. Since a younger crowd dominantly uses Snapchat, what would someone out of college have to do with the app? Better yet, how can Snapchat be used by a healthcare organization? Snapchat is currently the fastest growing social network having more than 100 images (8)million people using the network on a daily basis. While Facebook dominates the market for businesses on social media, less than 2% of businesses use Snapchat to promote their organization. While this may seem like a downer to some, an optimist would look at it as an opportunity.

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app that snapchat11n-4-webis used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings with friends. What makes the app stand out from other popular social media sites is the fact that Snapchat messages, videos, and text disappear from those receiving after up to ten seconds. Snapchat allows its users to express their creative side through the drawing feature as well as filters, which allow users to add fun expressions and stickers.

Snapchat is growing in the healthcare industry but in order for it to continue growing, that 2% needs to rise! As always, here are some to-do’s for healthcare organizations that are looking to succeed in the world of Snapchat.



Think about who is going to be looking at your snaps. Snapchat is primarily used by the younger generation so try to engage them. Fitness tips, general health and wellness, and young parenting are all things that would apply.



Snap anything! 65% of people are visual learners and believe it or not, Snapchat helps with this. A day in the life of a doctor or nurse would be a fun idea to snap. Someone in high school or looking for a new career could learn a lot about what it’s like to work in a hospital. Another inspiring idea would be to follow a journey of somSnapchat+Doctoreone going through therapy (of course the patient would need to be willing to share their journey and give their permission). Maybe a stroke patient would like to raise awareness of their journey. Their therapist could snap videos or pictures of sessions each day so followers could watch them as they build their strength. Young Stroke Survivors could use the videos to not only raise awareness but also to encourage other stroke patients and their families.



In the morning before going in for a shift, snap a healthy, hearty meal or a mirror selfie in scrubs. Come up with a clever caption or tag the time before an early shift. This shows the reality that being a doctor or a nurse really is around the clock. Snap a pic of the doctor’s break room, a view from behind the nurse’s station, the set up of an OR, or a doctor scrubbing in for a surgery. People love to be nosey and what better way to satisfy their needs than to give them a view from backstage.



Snap throughout the day. Your Snapchat story expires every 24 hours so post some snaps throughout the day or night. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, post healthy food ideas, exercise routines, or encourage people to have regular check ups. Show that an OBGYN visit could be healthy and not as scary as some may think; especially to the younger crowd who may have reservations about going. Show motivation and encouragement throughout the day.

Who to follow

Here is a helpful site of inspiring Snapchat accounts to follow, get motivated!


3 thoughts on “Split.. Boom.. SNAP!”

  1. Great job! Eye catching title but you might want to include something about Healthcare to give the reader an idea what it’s about. You used hyperlinks in all the right parts. I would expand on the last Snapchat account and show examples and give some background on each account. Make those fantastic pictures big and noticeable!! Also don’t be afraid of breaking up the content into smaller sections and with pictures. I loved the who, what, where,. and when! This was great!! Good Idea!!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!


  2. I know this comment is a bit late and I sincerely apologize. But after reading through your blog I thought you did a really good job with it. I like how you split the process of how to use the app. You really created that idea that Snapchat is a social media app for really anything you want it to be for. Only fault I see is that you did not include any examples of health care companies using it. But I understand that it can be difficult to do since you would not be able to see much of anything without following some health agency if there really are any that use snap chat. Other than that good work!


  3. This post was not submitted at 10:42 p.m. as I said previously with the last blog. This website has been showing my comment post times, and they are always way off. Please note it is currently 1:45 p.m. Hints why I said a little late and I apologize. It is not 11 hours late though. Please note. Not sure if that changes anything or not.


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