Why Strategy?

Have you ever been thrown into something without having a clue what to do or even where to begin or end? Everyone and everything needs a general idea of what to do or where to go… we all need a strategy. A strategy is simply put, a plan of action to get to your overall aim. download (6)Strategy is a key elements in our daily lives that also apply to healthcare organization’s social media.

Healthcare organizations must rely on strategy when putting out any healthcare information.

Here’s a list of what do to when putting out healthcare content on social media.


Create a Strategy…


Decide who your target audience is. The first step in any plan is to decide whom. Once you’ve decided this, then you can plan how to target your audience. Everyone is different and how you market or reach them will be different too. For example, there is a Facebook page titled Parents of Type 1 Diabetes. This targets a very specific audience of people. This page allows parents to talk, discuss recent problems or situations, comment on others post, and post local camps or diabetic activities.

Keep it simple

Do not overwhelm your reader by putting too much information or writing lengthy paragdownload (5)raphs. This could cause the reader to disengage and not read your information at all. Make it easy to read by putting bold headings with shorter summaries under each heading. Make the headings easy tips with information that short and to the point. Or caption your pictures with short captions that grab attention and link somewhere that they can find more information about the topic. The Red Cross does a great job of this on twitter. They tweet short messages and almost always post a link at the bottom so that their followers will know where to find more information.

Hear and be heard

One of the greatest things about posting information on social media is the publics’ ability to respond. A lot of times people will leave a comment with more information or asking anything from a simple question to an opinion about something. Listen! Hear what they have to say and leave a comment back answering them or giving advice. This ultimately makes your site more valuable to the public. They know they can get a quick response back if they are stuck in a bind. No one wants to be ignored. Never stop listening. For example, Texas Health Resources uses social media both or internal use and for community building. They use their social media to connect with each other, share comments, and message each other back and forth.

What’s in it for them?

Answer their questions. Give them a reason to keep coming back to your site. Like the example I gave in the beginning when choosing between a store brand or a name brand, give your readers reasons why to choose your site. Give good infAdvocate-Health-Care-Logoormation, make it clear, and be accessible. Advocate Health Care has an amazing Instagram page that posts both videos and pictures along with helpful links. They post videos of how to do things such a CPR and fun facts. This keeps their readers both informed and entertained.



I think following healthcare organization of social media is a great idea. For one thing, I literally learn something new every day. I am a picture person so I love to scimages (11)roll through Instagram and just look at pictures. I love when hospitals or doctors offices post fun facts of the days. It is an extra bit of trivia to put in your back pocket and pull it out anytime you want to impress anyone or sound informed. My advice to all of you is to find organizations that fit your personality and follow them! It does not have to be about diabetes or something you’re diagnosed with. I love to give blood so I follow the Red Cross to see what blood drives are popping up in my local area. If you’re not into that then follow healthy recipes or easy workout boards on Pinterest. Keep it easy and fun you will always be informed and entertained.


2 thoughts on “Why Strategy?”

  1. Katy,

    Great introduction on your blog! You were clear from the beginning on defining what the two key concepts and the purpose of knowing them. The example of the grocery store helped me visualize how I can use this on a daily basis and with my social media blog if I were working for a health organization. Throughout the blog you did a good job at evenly distributing your images, they helped keep my attention. The examples you gave for each tip were great role models to follow.


  2. Awesome job Katy! I initially read your blog before all the confusion with the strategy and evaluation came up and even then it was super informative and direct. You used just enough images so that it wasn’t too busy or overwhelming but still looked professional and eye catching . I also really liked your personally section which adds a personable touch by giving your input.


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