Evaluation Nation

Evaluation is a vital part of planning in our daily lives. For example, when going to the grocery store, we evaluate the price of different brand items if we want to buy the stshutterstock_44222080ore brand or a name brand. We also are evaluated on our health if we are
healthy enough for physical activity or to fly on a plane. Evaluation is a key element in our daily lives that also apply to healthcare organization’s social media.

Healthcare organizations must also evaluate what they put out on social media before posting anything. How can a healthcare organization make the content they post worth evaluating? What can they put out there that would make their organization be chosen over a different one? Here is a list of to-do’s in order to be chosen over the “generic brand”.

Do understand who your audience is

When you know when your audience is then you can know how to reach them. Aim for a high conimages (13).jpegversation rate. Be humorous, meaningful, and having a deeper understanding of your audience. This will in turn, increase your business value. Women’s Health does a great job of this on Facebook by posting intriguing and humorous articles. Their page gets a lot of feedback both directly to them and from others.

Do expand your reach.

Yeah, yeah… everyone says that but how? If you only have but so many followers then you can only reach but so many people. False. If one of your followers thought you had an interesting piece of information or they got a good laugh out of it, they are likely to retweet it. Then not only have your followers seen it, but all of their followers have also been reached by your tweet. Be interesting. Make note of what types of information people like the most. Maybe there is a certain time during the day that you get more likes. Keep posting during those times. Soon your reach will soar. The Mayo Clinic does a great job demonstrating reach on Twitter. They tweet during the highest traffic times of the day posting shorter tweets and articles earlier in the day and tweets with more information later in the afternoon when they know their followers have more time to read full articles.

Do involve media

Video has quickly become the fastest storytelling medium in the market. Jump on the train because it is taking off somewhere fast and may never slow down. Keep your videoimages (14)s short between 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes; people want to get the facts and information quickly. Show a video of a backstage tour. Show them scenes they have never seen before. Be creative and spark their interest. Soon a lot more than just sneak peaks will intrigue them. Girls on the Run Grand Strand does a great job of posting inspiring and educational videos throughout their twitter. A lot of their media content involves different videos of real-life stories or live feed videos from their 5k races.

Overall, a plan needs to be set in place as to how you’re going to grab their attention. Think about if your health organization is going to spark interest. Is it going to get people talk? Are they going to want to repost it and contribute in a Facebook discussion about it? With this type of mindset, your followers will never get bored.


4 thoughts on “Evaluation Nation”

  1. Katy,

    Your title is unique and straight to the point. You made a very good comparison between a grocery store visit evaluation and a healthcare organization social media evaluation. Using multiple examples for each point you made was a good idea. However, I would suggest for your future blogs, you could add a screenshot of each example. With that being done, your audience would have a visual aid to add to the information you are explaining.

    Overall, good job with your blog.



  2. Katy – Your first sentence as well as your first paragraph immediately drew me in. (Also, I loved your first little cartoon.) I really liked that you gave clearly stated tips and then expanded on them in each of your paragraphs. It made it easy to follow as well as interesting to read. I liked what you said before your list of Do’s; you referred to the organizations’ competitors as the “generic brand.” I thought that was very clever. If I was a health corporation I would definitely feel very unique and important, and I think that’s what you were going for. I would only suggest maybe not wrapping the text around the picture at the top. Over all, I thought you did a great job of making your blog short, sweet and informative.


  3. Great name for your blog! Very creative! I really like how you gave the example with evaluation by comparing it to a grocery store when you buy brand name products versus store brand products! Your blog flowed very well it was very informative and to the point. Your pictures coincide very well with your blog as well! I thought your blog was very informative with a great use of hyper links! Overall, Great job this week on our evaluation blog! Your blog is short and sweet but very informative and that’s whats important!!


  4. Katy, I loved reading your blog. It teally catches the reader’s attention. One thing I really loved was the “do’s and don’t” section of the blog. I think it helps the reader with what they should expect for their organization. The only suggestion I have is to maybe use a screenshot for your examples section, other than that, great job!


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