Did I say that??

What is ethics you may ask and what does it have to do with health content? Ethics are all about the moral principles that control how we act and our behaviors. Have you ever download (7)wondered what ethical rules health organizations are held to when posting on social media? What about doctors and nurses? Are they allowed to post anything they want even on their private social media accounts? As always, here are several ethical things to keep in mind when posting health content on social media…

For Healthcare organization…

  • Stay positive

When posting anything health related, wither mental health, physical health, or emotional health, always try to stay positive. When you’re ill or feelindownload (8)g down, the last thing you want to hear is the slightest bit of negativity or bad new. Cheer things up! Share
positive stories about recovery. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation prides themselves in being a positive healthcare facility to all. Check them out!

  • Read before you share

Surprisingly enough, a lot of people do not read, or do not fully read articles before clicking the share button. Read! Know what information you’re sharing. I’m guilty, we probably all are but it can start here.

For doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals…

  • Stay professional!

For the love of God please stay professional!! Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals should not be posting binge drinking on social media or sexually suggestive photos! It gives the wrong idea not only to your friends and family but also especially to clients, co-workers or people ranked over you. Do you have complaints about another doctor or know someone who does? Follow this link to report a state complaint to the medical board.

  • Just stay away

Avoid questionable things such as holding an alcoholic drink or making political comments. If a patient were to look you up, they could deny treatment from a doctor due to certain political beliefs. Save yourself the trouble and just stay away. Some doctors have download (9)admitted to unprofessional behavior in this study. Badmouthing other doctors and finding medical reasons not to care for a patient are demonstrated in this study and are DEFINITELY things to avoid.

I know it is not always easy to hold your tongue… it’s one of the things I struggle with the most! However, in this case, it holds the risk of loosing your job… that’s a big deal. Direct your energy somewhere else, encourage readers, it could get you a lot farther than a lost job.


One thought on “Did I say that??”

  1. Katy,
    I liked how you explained Ethics in the blog post. Providing health organizations with a list of helpful reminders, to stay positive and make ethical decisions. Pushing the issue for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to make good decisions was a great addition to the blog. People that work in professional settings need to be aware of the importance of posting positive content. The links you added in the blog was helpful, to people that tend to post photos or videos holding alcoholic drinks or making unethical choices.


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